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Essential oil content and compositions of naturalized Tagetes minuta L. (wild marigold).


Tagetes minuta L. known as Muster John Henry is an annual, fragrant and naturalized plant species in Turkey. The study aimed to determine essential oil content and components of Tagetes minuta L. from the flora of Hatay. Flower and leaf parts were hydrodistilled together in the full flowering period. Essential oils were analysed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Essential oil content was found at 1.8[%]. Essential oil compositions that constitute 99.20[%] of the essential oil were revealed. Main components found as trans-ß-ocimene 45.92[%] and verbenone 32.68[%]. T. minuta has wide usage in perfume, food and ornamental plant industry. Further studies should perform on the cultivation of the species for national industries.