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The most suitable type, height and location of Tuta absoluta pheromone traps and determination of its generations by degree day method.


Tuta absoluta is a new pest which after its entry to the country and fast and wide distribution became one of the most damaging agents of tomato especially in open fields. Finding its activity period in the field and the most suitable types and ways for the use of pheromone traps as a monitoring tool, are necessary to make management decisions. So, in this study, at first the most effective type and height of pheromone trap in a factorial experiment and then the best location in the field, were determined. First factor was the trap types which were delta, water pan and ferolite. Second factor was trap height and included ground, 50 cm and 2 m up the ground. Both experiments were done in randomized block designs with 4 replicates in a tomato field in Jiroft. In another experiment and in a tomato field in Qazvin, the leaf miner's generations and its activity period were determined by the method of degree day using a Testo set and a delta pheromone trap. Results showed that the delta pheromone trap on 50 cm up to the ground and 20 m far from the field margin had the highest effectiveness. Also it was revealed that T. absoluta emerged in the middle of growing season and its population density increased gradually and it had 4 generations in a year.