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Experience in the control of invasive weeds in Catalonia from the point of view of its management.


This document describes the experience in the control and eradication tasks of invasive weeds carried out in the crops of Catalonia since 2005, from its management point of view. The results allow to affirm that is a complex and not immediate process. Since avoiding the arrival of new plants is very difficult and expensive rapid detection and rapid action on introduced weeds are essential for success. This fact highlights the importance of having a good network of technicians all around the agricultural areas that transfer the information when a problem is detected; also having regulations that allow immediate action is essential. The invasion risk evaluation and the viability of weed control increases the likelihood of success in the eradication process and helps optimizing resources. The biological characters that have been observed as most important for the success of a new introduction are described. The criteria to be taken into account for the start and end of activities in a management campaign after the introduction of a new species in the fields of a territory are reviewed. Likewise, the economic criteria related to these activities are mentioned, such as the costs of their realization and the possibility of compensating economically the affected farmers by analyzing the criteria to be taken into account.