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Characteristics of the locality of Opuntia humifusa (Cactaceae) on the territory of the Lozenska Mountain.


This study presents current data on the locality of the invasive alien species Opuntia humifusa (Raf.) Raf. on the territory of Lozenska Mt. The species population was found on an eroded rocky terrain over Pancharevo Lake. The species has predominant coverage in the herb layer of a natural xerothermic shrub community formed by small populations of Cotinus coggygria Scop., Fraxinus ornus L., Quercus pubescens Willd. and Pinus nigra Arn.. The results of the bio-morphological and phytocoenological observations show high adaptability of the species to this type of habitat. With its strong propagation and distribution strategy Opuntia humifusa poses a threat to the remaining populations of indigenous species occupying similar ecological niches, including species with conservation status such as Orchis purpurea Huds. and Stipa epilosa Marthin, which have limited presence in the same locality.