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An invasive species system assessment in Kenya.


This paper deals with a study conducted to understand the current status of the invasive species system in Kenya and describe, evaluate and assess the responsiveness of the system to address the threat of invasive species to the country. A methodology was developed that identifies areas to address to strengthen the system, as well as a baseline against which changes in responsiveness of the system can be assessed at a later date if required. The findings demonstrate that although the system in Kenya is operating, there is room for improvement before it could be considered optimal. A prominent finding is the lack of coordination in the invasive species system in Kenya. A coordination body would have a central role in the management/mitigation response to an invasive species threat. This study highlights the urgent need for a national invasive species strategy which is accompanied by clear protocols that are in-line with international commitments to tackle invasive species in Kenya. A key recommendation is that an invasive species management strategy is developed that adopts a multi-species approach followed by the establishment of a permanent body responsible for regulating the system.