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Remote monitoring of beehive activity.


Colonies of the European honeybee, the most important pollinator insects, are subjected to many negative impacts of modern society, in form of pollution, pests, invading species and colony collapse disorder (CCD). The newly emerging technology of the Internet of Things (IoT), enables remote monitoring using wireless sensors inside beehives. In this paper, we present the model of the system for remote temperature monitoring on a various points inside the beehive colony using IoT devices. Measured data is transmitted to a remote server where received data streams are processed in real-time using Complex Event Processing (CEP) which enables detection of critical events and report it to the beekeeper. These data streams are compared with reference temperature patterns using machine learning algorithms, which give computers the ability to learn to detect events without being explicitly programmed. This system can significantly reduce the beekeeper reaction time and increase chances for a beehive colony overcoming certain types of anomalies with human intervention.