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Spatial distribution of invasive alien species Tarebia granifera in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.


The present research was performed for a year (from January 2018 to January 2019). A purposive random sampling method was implemented to choose 17 regencies/cities in Southeast Sulawesi as sampling sites. The aim of this research was to determine the distribution of invasive Tarebia granifera in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Results of this research are expected to be a cutting-edge reference for further research, as well as scientific and empirical recommendations to maintain biological resources, especially shellfish commodities (Pelecypoda) and endemic or native gastropods in Southeast Sulawesi. Samples of T. granifera were collected by using transect square method, small transect of 1x1 m in 3 random plots placed within a 5x5 m transect. Spatial distribution of Invasive Alien Species (IAS) T. granifera was analyzed descriptively qualitative, interpreted by its distribution map based on coordinates of its existence. Distribution of IAS T. granifera in Southeast Sulawesi Province wasfound in eight regencies/cities (Status: Mainland), among others: Kendari City, South Konawe Regency, Bombana Regency, Kolaka Regency, North Kolaka Regency, East Kolaka Regency, Konawe Regency and Konawe Utara Regency. Meanwhile, T. granifera (Gastropod: Thiaridae) were absence at regencies/cities located in the islands of Southeast Sulawesi Province.