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Analysis of exotic phytoplankton species and their invasion routes in Bohai Bay.


In this study, we explored the factors underlying red tide disaster caused by exotic phytoplankton invasion in Bohai Bay. Based on environmental impact assessment reports of construction projects and related literature in the past 20 years, we collected and collated the information of exotic phytoplankton species found in the Bohai Bay and analyzed the main means of species invasion and the possible effect of red tide disasters. The results showed that 17 species of exotic phytoplankton were found in the Bohai Bay, including 10 species of Dinophyta, 5 species of Bacillariophyta, and 1 species each of Chrysophyta and Xanthophyta respectively. The results showed that 16 species of exotic phytoplankton in the Bohai Bay contribute to red tide, except the Chinese box algae. These species enter the Bohai Bay mainly through the introduction and transmission of ballast water, and this should be monitored and managed at the port to prevent red tide disasters.