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New invasive species on Lagerstromia indica from Düzce and their management.


Lagerstroemia indica is one of the most widely used ornamental trees on the coast regions of Turkey. Some plant pests on Lagerstroemia indica are generally epidemic in seedling cultivations and they are of much consequence. Therefore, serious damaging insects and disease problems occur in nurseries and plantations. In this study, in total, seven pest species were found to be harmful to the myrtle species except for four beneficial beetles between 2015-2017 survey periods in Düzce. Important nursery pests and diseases including Tinocallis kahawaluokalani and Erysiphe australiana are described and their management outlined. Early detection and chemical struggle of the harmful has been revealed depending on the survey methods. As a result of chemical applications in all seedlings showing intense infections, the survival rate of the infected seedlings showed 22.5% at the end of June 2015, 100% respectively at the end of March 2016. Control strategy of the pests in planted stands is largely based on plant-pest phenology, cultural, silvicultural and management practices except in cases where chemical control is practically feasible and economically viable.