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First report of the bark beetle Phloeosinus armatus on the Mediterranean cypress Cupressus sempervirens in Syria.


The bark beetle Phloeosinus armatus is one of the most important pest that causes significant damages to the Mediterranean cypress Cupressus sempervirens. Adults of this insect were collected from the Mediterranean cypress trees from several sites located in the Eastern Ghouta near Damascus, South of Syria, in autumn 2014. The insect was morphologically described. Measurements were taken from different body parts. The adults are characterized by small sizes ranged between 3.60 to 3.88 mm for males and 3.88 to 4.08 mm for females, with a shiny chestnut color covered with short hair. The antennae are clavate (capitate) and consist of 5 flagella and their length ranged between 1.04 to 1.12 mm for males and 1.01 to 1.16 mm for females. They are characterized by chewing mouthpart type. The legs are similar in shape. The tarsus consists of 4 segments. The tip segment is prolonged and ends with a couple of claws. The leg length ranged between 1.26 to 1.49 mm for the males and 1.80 to 1.96 mm for females. This investigation, aiming mainly to describe P. armatus, is the first study in Syria.