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Investigations on the control of invasive neophytes - selected experiments of the project ENVISAGE.


The increasing spread of invasive neophytes is more and more affecting the productivity of agricultural land. One goal of the ENVISAGE project is to achieve more effective monitoring and control of some of these invasive species on the affected areas, based on new environmental and biological foundations. In a bioassay (2017 and 2018), the herbicidal sensitivity of the three perennial species Bunias orientalis, Echinops sphaerocephalus and Cyperus esculentus in stage BBCH 14-16 was tested against various mechanisms of action (ALS inhibitors, auxins, ESPS inhibitors). Also the competitiveness of the three species was tested in semi-free range against a model plant and in addition in small plots, the species were controlled by means of flaming. B. orientalis and E. sphaerocephalus were successfully controlled with some mechanisms of action. In C. esculentus, however, the efficacy of all tested herbicides was insufficient. In the other two experiments, the above-ground biomass production of the neophytes could be reduced with increasing density of the competing plants, or with repeated flaming.