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A new record for the flora of Turkey: Cerastium szowitsii Boiss. (Caryophyllaceae).


Aim of study: In this study, it was aimed to contribute the vascular plant species diversity of Turkey. Area of study: A8 Artvin: Hatila Valley National Park, rocky places, roadsides, 559 m in NE Anatolia. Material and method: Plant materials were collected during the field studies in the years 2011 and 2012. They were processed according to standard herbarium techniques and stored at three herbariums. Main results: Cerastium szowitsii Boiss. is reported as a new species to the Turkish flora. Research highlights: Recent studies on vascular flora underlined that native and non-native taxa have been newly recorded from Turkey. Thus, this kind of studies should be conducted in mountainous part of NE Anatolia.