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The relationship between infestation rates of carob moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and brown spot disease in pomegranate fruit under field conditions.


The study was carried out in total of 10 pomegranate orchards in Central Şanlıurfa, Akçakale, Bozova, Harran, Hilvan, Siverek and Suruç counties of Şanlıurfa province in South-Eastern Region of Turkey in 2013 and 2014. Infestation rate of Carob Moth (CM) and Brown Spot Disease (BSD) were determined by controlling a total of 100 fruits from four different sides of randomly selected 25 trees from each orchard. In addition, 100 fruits infested with BSD were checked for damage, egg, larvae and pupae of CM during harvest. According to the results from the study, CM infestation rate was low in orchards where BSD infestation rate was high in pomegranate fruits. In terms of infestation rate in pomegranate fruits, a statistically strong negative relationship was determined between BSD and CM (R (BSD, CM) = -0,724;Y=46.312-0.467*X). In this study, BSD infestation rate explained the variance of CM infestation with 52.5% ratio (R2= 0.525).