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Invasive Solidago canadensis L. as a resource of valuable biological compounds.


The phytochemical characteristics of alien species have not yet been fully studied. Meanwhile, the reserves of their raw materials in the secondary distribution range are very large and can be used as new sources of functional ingredients for food, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and medicines. Particular attention is attracted by species which have closely related native plants that are included in the official pharmacopeia. Solidago canadensis L. in Slovakia has already formed powerful thickets, and a similar species Solidago virgaurea L. is used as a medicinal plant. The goal of our study is to examine biologically active compounds from leaves and inflorescences of Solidago canadensis collected in some invasive populations along the Nitra river and Gron river. Leaves and inflorescences of 3 populations have been taken for analysis. In addition, we tested herbal tea was made by a traditional procedure using 2 types of fermentation. The following parameters have been understudying: total dry matter, ash and protein content, total lipid, saccharides, vitamin C content, total carotenoid content, amino acids content, elemental analysis, and antioxidant activity. Mean values and variations of these parameters are given in the article. The results demonstrated that S. canadensis can be a valuable raw material resource for many sectors of the economy with the possibility of its wider application in the future.