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First record of the Prociphilus oleae (Leach ex Risso, 1826) in Slovenia and Croatia.


Prociphilus oleae (Leach ex Risso, 1826) [Hemiptera, Aphidoidea: Aphididae] was found for the first time in Slovenia in the middle of May 2018 on a garden olive tree in Solkan near Nova Gorica. It is assumed, that this pest was brought by olive plant seedlings from neighbour Italy. There is no significant damages for now, but it can still be considered as a potential but less significant olive pest. P. oleae was registered for the first time in Croatia in June 2018 in the olive grove on the Šibensko kninska county in two locations. The infested olives by this aphid, were exposed to low temperatures and adverse climatic conditions over the past winter. In the vicinity of the olive groves there were also vineyards. There is very little information about the bioecology of this pest. In the paper description of species, its biology and ecology, distribution in Europe, Slovenia and Croatia, natural enemies and potential control options are presented.