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Vigieflore: Synthesis of 4 years of evolution of adventitious flora and weeding practices in field crops (sunflower).


VigieFlore is an audit service after weeding based on a very rich database with more than 20 750 parcels studied for 14 years. It is a service to measure and quantify the multi-year evolution of flora and agronomic practices. It has recently been developed on sunflower crops, rapeseed and cereals. This article presents the balance of observations between 2014 and 2018 on sunflower crops in South-West and Poitou. Observations show that the main weeds are bindweed, knotweed and barnyard grass, as well as new invasive species that are found. An overall assessment of agricultural practices was carried out with the impacts noted on the major flora and datura stramony, a "rising" weed in the France south-west. Farmer surveys reveal the importance of false seedbed and intercropping weeding. The use of no-till cropping techniques is highlighted, particularly as a result of the plowing strategy employed. The impact of weeding strategies, mechanical weeding and the molecules used are also developed. Tips and advice are offered based on the practices observed and their consequences on weeding and flora in sunflower crops.