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Management of the fight against invasive Cyperaceae in a vegetable growing system. Effectiveness of soil fumigation treatments to control Cyperus esculentus.


Cyperus esculentus (commonly called "Yellow nutsedge") is a particularly invasive species in low crops including vegetables. Among the Cyperaceae, this species with a high capacity of development and of nuisance is increasing in different basins of production. In an effort to develop a regional control plan aiming to control this type of species and to maintain sustainably the capacity of production in vegetable systems, the search for adaptable means has demonstrated variable responses in the efficiency of the methods that could be used. Among the control methods, soil fumigation treatments have been tested in the USA and in EU especially. Tested in regional trials, in highly infested fields, this type of control appears as a necessity of use, as a last resort, to ensure a real control in vegetable crops sensitive such than the carrot.