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Conflicts between big cats and humans in two natural protected areas of Mexico.


Objective: To identify the factors that generate more conflict due to the presence of big cats in two natural protected areas (NPA): the biosphere reserve Sierra del Abra Tanchipa (RBSAT), in San Luis Potosí State, and the national park Los Mármoles (PNLM), in Hidalgo State, Mexico. Methodology: A survey was conducted to 200 local villagers within 14 communities of the municipalities to which both the NPA belong. The questions were based on eight conflict variables, evaluating the results through a descriptive analysis. Results: We found two outstanding conflicts in RBSAT: agricultural productivity loss and pet predation, while the main problem in PNLM was fear of being attacked themselves or their families by jaguars and pumas. Limitations/implications: The results obtained can only be applicable for each ANP studied. However, this type of study can be applicable in any situation involving conflicts due to the presence of large carnivores. Findings/conclusions: It is necessary to consider the degree of influence, both of the tangible and intangible costs, in the level of conflict. In this way, specific strategies we can be designed according to the problem, needs and capacities of each region that are effective for the promotion of a peaceful coexistence.