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Impact of terrestrial and marine pollution on the Black Sea quality of water.


Black Sea represents a direct link between the European Union, EU candidate countries and some Asian countries such as Russia, Georgia, etc. During the last decades, the Black Sea has been confronted with unexpected environmental problems. In the south part of the Romanian seashore has appeared erosion, in the North-East part of the Black Sea appeared a massive algae development, followed by modification of the maritime biological balance. In parallel, the maritime water parameters have been changed, partly due to the water discharged from the main rivers as Danube, Dnieper, Dniester, partly from the amount of freshwater from deep currents new appeared in the last decades, and partly due to the impact of the pollutant sources. Firstly, are mentioned some data, based on the local measurements and registered data, which underlines the actual situation, referring at the existing sources of pollution, the hydrocarbons and ions concentration, etc. with immediate consequences on the local equilibrium of the marine bio-system. The registered Turkish accidents with spilled oil briefly mentioned, were followed in a short term by a process of nitrification, with many consequences. Next are presented the appeared modifications, registered in the Black Sea fauna, some endangered species, correlated with the simultaneous apparition of some invasive species. Finally, some conclusions and references are presented.