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The monitoring of the state of introduced woody plants in Alytus city recreational green areas.


During the state monitoring of introduced woody plants (41 genera, 60 species, 20 cultivars, 1 variety) in 2009-2017 at Alytus city green areas (6 parks, 4 squares) there was established 45% of plants belonging to 27 genera, 33 species, 11 cultivars to be undamaged. Damages of physiological origin (defoliation, dechromation, dry branches) were found a few - on plants of 9 genera, 10 species and 1 variety were found to be injured by 0-1.89±0,1 grades. 39% of plants belonging to 14 genera, 27 species, 9 cultivars were injured by fungal diseases agents and pests by various grades. 17 genera, 23 species fungal disease agents injured by 0-3 grades and pests of 11 genera and species done damage by strength of 0-2.88 grades. Cameraria ohridella have done the strongest damage on chestnut trees (0.36±0.06-2.88±0.1). Injuries had no influence on plant state. These were decorative plants.