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Influence of integrated weed management on weed dynamics and productivity of chili integrated weed management in chili.


A field experiment was carried out at Vegetable Research Farm, Mahrajpur, Department of Horticulture, JNKVV, Jabalpur (M.P.) to study the efficacy of different herbicides and mulches against weeds in chili, It was recorded that dominant weed flora in the experiment was Eragrostiscillansis and Cyperusrotindus among monocot weeds, Chenopodium album, Melilotus alba, Anagallisaruensis and Parthenium hysterophorus among dicot weeds. Highest weed density of all the weed species, dry weed biomass were recorded in weedy check plots. Pendimethalin @ 1.5 I/ha+black polythene mulch resulted in the highest plant height (75.3 cm), number of primary branches per plant (15.66), number of fruits per plant (73.33), yield of red ripe fruit (134.7 q/ha') and yield of dry fruit (22 qha-1) followed by Pendimethalin @ 1.5 I/ha+paddy straw mulch. Therefore, pendimethalin @ 1.5 I/ha+black polythene mulch resulted in the most effective treatment in terms of weed suppression and yield enhancement of chili crop.