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Sarcocystis spp. invasion in moose of Perm Krai.


A moose (Alces alces Linnaeus 1758) is an important game animal in Perm Krai. According to the regional State Hunting Inspection, 2066 animals were hunted under a hunting license and 97 were hunted illegally from 1 October 2017 to 15 January 2018. The welfare of this species directly depends on health of its population including parasitic diseases. The aim of research is to investigate spreading of the Sarcocystis spp. genus species in moose in the territory of Perm Krai, to determine indices of invasion prevalence and intensity as well as morphology of muscle cysts. Eleven samples of moose meat were investigated according to organoleptic, microscopical and histological methods. Slides were stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Morphometric measurement was carried out with ImageJ PC program (USA). Presence of tissue cysts Sarcocystis spp. Lankester, 1882 is established. Invasion prevalence was equal to 63.63%. Invasion intensity did not exceed one cyst per slide. Simultaneous parasitizing of thin-walled (wall thickness is 1.06±0.14 µm) and thick-walled (wall thickness is 3.22±0.85 µm) cysts are revealed. That fact suggests that they belong to different species. Infection in moose has a chronic character and causes formation of a complete xenoparasitic barrier.