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Croton yellow vein mosaic virus found infecting naturally growing weeds in India.


Weeds remain major problem whether they are competing for the nutrition or they are acting as a reservoir host of many plant viruses. During survey of Delhi NCR region in India, many weed plants were collected on the basis of symptoms from the vicinity of the crop fields. Weeds checked for virus presence were: Ageratum, Verbesina, Amaranthus, Solanum nigrum, Croton, Calotropis, Datura metel and Congress grass. Initial detection was done using PCR using primers for CP region which was followed by cloning and sequencing. Major virus which was found in three weed plants (Verbesina, Ageratum and Amaranthus) was Croton yellow vein mosaic virus. Out of eight weed plants tested for begomoviruses, three were found positive.