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Geographic distribution, lifecycle and damage of Cydalima perspectalis (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae, Spilomelinae) in Turkey.


Cydalima perspectalis (Walker), a species belongs to the Crambidae family of Lepidoptera order, is a primary pest on boxwood. The damage is caused by caterpillars. They feed on the leaves and reduce photosynthesis, eat the bark of the shoots, damage the cambium layer and dry up the shoots, branches and twigs of Buxus sp. An exotic species for our country, box-tree moth was first seen in parks and gardens in Sarıyer İstanbul in 2011; and then in Düzce and Artvin in 2015 and in Bartın in 2016. As of this year, its distribution in Western Black Sea Region continued rapidly. This study was carried out to determine life cycle, areas of distribution and the condition of the box-trees in the areas it exists. It is seen that the invasive insect caused serious damage in Marmara and whole Black Sea Regions where box-tree exists and dried out a significant area of box-tree forests. In addition, it arrived in Central Anatolia Region, and damaged on box-trees in parks and landscape areas in Ankara, Niğde and Kırșehir in 2017-2018. It was observed the biological periods of C. perspectalis and for the first time, it was found that this species had three generations in a year. It was also recorded for the first time in this study that the larvae showed cannibalism behaviour and eat the pupae of own species. It should be considered that in case this insect reaches out to the box-trees in the southern regions of Turkey, there is a possibility that its number of generations within a year will increase due to convenient ecological conditions.