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Inventory and qualitative evaluations of woody plants in forest nurseries of Marmara Region.


In this study, examining the production of plants made in nursery gardens connected to Regional Directorates of Forestry is aimed. In this context, forest nurseries located in the Marmara Region, where construction activities continue intensively, are chosen as the area of the study. Within the scope of the study, plant stocks and varieties of forest nursery plants in Marmara Region have been revealed and analyses about the packaging environments and the size of seedlings were made. As a result, in the Marmara Region forest nurseries, which are the subjects of our study, it is observed that the production of native plants is less than the exotic species. This shows us that the natural vegetation is not sufficiently exploited. Within this study desired plant species for any forestation or landscaping project in Marmara Region can be obtained in the fastest and most economical way; and also the size of these plants and the type of packaging can be easily learned.