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Evolutionary analysis of detoxification gene families of Spodoptera frugiperda.


Spodoptera frugiperda has spread worldwide in recent years, which has a wide range of hosts. This pest has developed resistance to a variety of chemicals insecticides and transgenic Bt corn. In this work, the detoxification enzymes related gene families in 14 insects including S. frugiperda were annotated. In total, 152 P450 genes, 92 ABC genes, 44 GST genes and 39 UGT genes were found in S. frugiperda. Comparing to other lepidopteran insects, S. frugiperda shared the highest number of P450 and GST genes, of which 152 P450 genes were classified into four clans: Mito, CYP2, CYP3 and CYP4. The number of P450 genes in Mito and CYP2 clan was similar to those in Bombyx mori, while in CYP3 and CYP4 clan the numbers were significantly more than those in B. mori. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the P450 genes of CYP3 and CYP4 clans in S. frugiperda were significantly expanded. Synteny analysis with B. mori showed that 89 P450 genes of S. frugiperda were clustered in genome. Compared with B. mori, the number of GST and ABC family genes increased significantly. Although the UGT gene family had no significant increased, many clusters were found according to the evolution analysis, indicating a recent expansion event. This is the first investigation to identify and analyze the detoxification metabolism related gene families in S. frugiperda at the genomic level, which should be important for understanding the biological characteristics and resistance of S. frugiperda.