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Evolutionary analysis of chemoreception related gene families of Spodoptera frugiperda.


Spodoptera frugiperda had spread around to Yangtze River province rapidly, since it was found in China in January, 2019. This pest had caused great harm to maize production in our country. Here, the chemoreception related gene family in 14 insects including S. frugiperda were annotated and analysis. In total, 54 odorant binding protein genes, 15 chemosensory proteins genes, 82 odorant receptor genes, 210 gustatory receptor genes, 44 ionotropic receptor genes and 13 sensory neuron membrane protein genes were found in S. frugiperda. Phylogenetic analysis showed that the OBP genes and GR genes were significantly expanded when compared with Bombyx mori, while the SNMP genes were slightly contracted. This is the first investigation to identify and analyze the chemoreception related gene families in S. frugiperda at the genomic level, which established the foundation to further research of S. frugiperda.