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Morphological characteristics and pathogenicity of Diaporthe eres isolates to the fruit tree shoots.


This work is a continuation of research on Diaporthe genus isolates obtained in 2010-2012 from fruit trees in Poland, which on the basis of previously conducted molecular tests, have been identified as one species belonging to the Diaporthe eres species complex. The aim of this study was to determine the morphology and pathogenic abilities of tested Diaporthe eres isolates. The experiment included cross tests, in which the shoots of apple, pear, cherry and plum trees were inoculated with each of the 4 isolates derived from each mentioned host plants. As a result of experiment, the pathogenic nature of D. eres in relation to the shoots of fruit trees, was confirmed. The isolates were also characterized on the basis of the colony appearance and spore dimensions. Morphological features of studied D. eres cultures were very similar, regardless of the isolate and the host plant, from which they were obtained. All tested isolates formed alpha and beta conidia having the same range size.