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Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion: pilot project evaluation.


The Weeds at the Early Stage of Invasion (WESI) project focuses on high risk early invaders that threaten biodiversity. The project team works with public land managers anywhere in Victoria. Various tools and a decision making framework help public land managers make informed decisions about the effective management of early invaders. Between 2014 and 2017, the project team established a series of pilot projects to test, improve and assist adoption of the early invader tools. Over this period, a total of 16 pilot projects were conducted of which seven were chosen to be evaluated. A total of 52 individuals were involved in the pilot projects including 13 agencies/groups. In 2017 a pilot project evaluation report was developed, summarising the findings of the evaluation. The report concluded that the early invader pilot projects had been a valuable way of testing, refining and gaining adoption of the early invader process and tools in Victoria. This model could be beneficial for the development and adoption of other invasive species projects.