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An ounce of prevention: an accreditation scheme for ornamental plant industries.


Weeds are a significant threat to the environment. While the ornamental plant trade was historically a pathway for weed introductions, there is a strong desire within the industry, in government and the community to reduce the use of weedy ornamental plants and prevent future environmental weeds. The Plant Sure initiative aims to reduce the use of high risk (weedy) ornamental plants from production, supply and trade by engaging with government, industry and the community, to develop a voluntary accreditation scheme for green life industries. The scheme is underpinned by a decision support tool that allows plants to be categorised according to risk. Plants that pose a high risk of becoming weeds can be excluded from use, while the use of environmentally-friendly plants can be encouraged. Through education and training components, the scheme will seek to elicit long-term attitudinal and behavioural change in ornamental plant suppliers and consumers.