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The immortelle aphid Macrosiphoniella helichrysi Remaudière, 1952 (Hemiptera: Aphididae), a new species in aphid fauna in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In the last few years, immortelle (Helichrysum italicum) cultivation has experienced rapid expansion and become a very important agricultural species in the area of Herzegovina. Areas under immortelle are constantly increasing, and surfaces where immortelle is planted are ranging from 0.1 up to several tens of hectares. The total estimated area under immortelle in Herzegovina today is around 1500 hectares. A monoculture production system in a large area has resulted in appearing of some insect pests, causing significant damage at some sites. Among others, aphids are one of the most significant pests of immortelle in Herzegovina. During two-year (2017-2018) presence of aphids from the genus Macrosiphoniella on immortelle was researched at 25 sites in the area of West Herzegovina and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. Collected aphid has been identified as species Macrosiphoniella helichrysi Remaudière, 1952. In 2017, aphid M. helichrysi were recorded at 21 sites with most abundant population at site Uzarići (Municipality of Široki Brijeg). After visual inspection of 100 randomly chosen immortelle plants, at this site, 63 of them was infested with aphids. In 2018 aphid were recorded at all of 25 inspected sits, and the largest population of M. helichrysi was recorded at sites Općuš and Bašaga (Municipality of Čitluk) and Sretnice and Miljkovići (Municipality of Mostar). In addition to open field production, aphid M. helichrysi was also found on seedlings from greenhouses.