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Prediction of potential distribution of the invasive Chrysanthemum Lace Bug, Corythucha marmorata in China based on Maxent.


Corythucha marmorata is a newly invasive pest in recent years, a profound understanding of the pest's potential distribution will be beneficial for its monitoring and controlling in China. The potential geographic distributions of C. marmorata was analyzed by maximum-entropy (Maxent) model and geographic information system (ArcGIS) using the pest's occurrence records and environmental variables. The results indicated that C. marmorata had a wide potential range in China, which mainly lying at latitude 20°-40°N and longitude 100°-125°E in the subtropical and warm temperate zone. The high suitable distribution mainly included most of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hunan, Shanghai, south of Anhui, south of Hubei, west of Jiangxi, east of Guizhou, east of Fuzhou, north of Guangxi, central of Shandong, south of Henan, part of Chongqing, Taiwan, along with the Lower Yangtze Region. Moreover, the potential distribution was greatly influenced by max temperature of warmest month, annual mean temperature, precipitation of driest month and min temperature of coldest month. C. marmorata had successfully invaded China and spreaded rapidly. We should enhance the monitoring in the edge of its epidemic area and take measures to prevent its further expansion.