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Determination of pasture status of Ordeklı village pasture in Hakkâri province.


This study was carried out to determine the yield and botanical composition of grazing and protected part of Ordekli village pastures of Hakkâri province using the Loop method in the vegetation period of 2016. Differences were determined in the grazing and protected areas as number of species, plant life lengths, the ratio of reducing/replicating/invasive species in botanical composition, area covered with plant and hay yield. In the area, 70 species of 17 families were found with the highest and lowest participation rates in botanical composition of 14.90% and 0.27% respectively in the Asteraceae and Geraniaceae families. The most common species in the pasture were found to be Prangos ferulacea, Poa bulbosa and Tanacetum nitens. In the pasture, as average covered with plant is 93.75% and the rates of decreasing, replicating and invasive species was determined 2.80%, 10.95% and 85.05% respectively. It was determined that both parts of the pasture were in the weak pasture class. As a result, it was determined that the principles of management were not followed and the pasture was under pressure of grazing. It is recommended to make a grazing plan according to the principles of management in the pasture.