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Contribution to the cultivated and adventive flora of the Požega Valley.


The goal of this paper was to determine cultivated and adventive plant species of the Požega Valley and to determine to which family, life form and floral element they belong. Monitoring of the distribution and determination of adventive species was carried out in the framework of invasive plant species inventory of Požega Valley conducted in the period 2008-2012 and in 2017. By analyzing cultivated and adventive flora of the Požega valley, 188 species (11.4% of the total number of plant species of Požega Valley) were classified into 65 families. The Asteraceae family dominated with 29 species. Most frequently recorded life forms were Therophyta with 89 species and Phanerophyta with 54 species. According to floral element categories mostly cultivated and adventive plants belonging to 142 species (75,5%) were found.