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A comparative study on the variability of morphometric elements of the skull in canine species in Romania.


The craniometric study was carried out on three canine species from Romania, namely the golden jackal, the fox and the feral dog. The specimens of golden jackals and foxes belong to the hunting grounds of south-eastern Romania. The analysed specimens of feral dogs were taken from the same hunting grounds as well as from hunting grounds of Vaslui County. The analysed craniometric elements focused on the four cranial faces, namely the dorsal face, the ventral face, the lateral face and the occipital face, as well as elements of the jaw, mandible and teeth. The working method consisted in investigating the statistical parameters of distributions and dispersion of analysed elements. Forward stepwise discriminatory analysis highlighted the discriminatory elements of the three species, with classification accuracy of 100% for foxes, 95% for golden jackals and 91% for free-ranging dogs.