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First data on parasite in two species of Columbidae, Eurasian collared dove Streptopelia decaocto and feral pigeon Columba livia.


Description of the subject: The work presented here focuses on the parasite directly infested with Columbidae, namely Rock pigeon Columba livia, and Turtledove Streptopelia decaocto caught in an urban area in the Blida region and Oued Smar. Objectives: To evaluate the parasitic fauna of these two species of Columbidae, particularly in the Turkish dove Streptopelia decaocto exotic species in Algeria. Methods: The search for hemiparasites is performed by the colored blood smear method. Concerning endoparasites in the intestines of birds we used the technique of intestinal scraping and flotation technique for the study of coprology. Results: The systematic inventory of ectoparasites, revealed the presence of 7 species of which Columbicola columbae of the order Phthiraptera (lice) dominates with 64.04%. On endoparasites, we noted the presence of Coccidia (Eimeria sp.) and Cestode (Taenia sp.). Finally, the study of hemiparasites raises the existence of protozoa of the genus Haemoproteus sp. with a rate of 47%. We also recorded the presence of Pseudolynchia canariensis (Diptera) on two pigeons. Conclusion: Our results showed that Columbidae living near homes may harbor some pathogens far from being negligible for human health.