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First report of Colletotrichum siamense and C. fructicola causing cladode brown spot in Nopalea cochenillifera in Brazil.


In 2015, cladodes showing brown and circular to elliptical spots were observed on Nopalea cochenillifera in 12 fields in Pernambuco, Brazil. The causal pathogens were isolated and identified as Colletotrichum siamense and Colletotrichum fructicola based on morphological, molecular and pathogenicity analyses. The obtained sequences were deposited in GenBank as accession numbers KX129708-KX129712 (ITS), KX129713-KX129717 (TUB-2) and KX129718-KX129722 (ApMAT). This is thought to be the first report of cladode brown spot caused by C. siamense and C. fructicola on N. cochenillifera in Brazil and worldwide.