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Solanum nigrescens: a potentially problematic nightshade weed species in Louisiana sugarcane.


A large perennial broadleaf weed with characteristics of the Solanum genus was observed in a commercial sugarcane (Saccharum spp.) field in Vacherie (30.00083N, 90.72500W), LA, in 2010. Since then, this weed been found in sugarcane fields in 17 of the 24 parishes which produce sugarcane. The weed has been identified as Solanum nigrescens, also known as divine nightshade, based on morphology and phylogenetic analysis. Divine nightshade is an introduced species to the United States. However, it has not become a problematic weed in agricultural systems until recently. Its rapid spread to non-infested areas, ability to compete with sugarcane, and tolerance to traditional pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide programs in Louisiana sugarcane production shows the potential problem of this nightshade species.