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Efficacy of Bt maize technologies in lepidopteran pests management.


Spodoptera frugiperda and Diatraea saccharalis are the main maize pests and their injuries may cause yield reduction. The advent of Bt maize show that studies are required to evaluate tactical of control within integrated pest management. Field trials were conducted in four locations in Brazil during crop season 2010/2011, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of genetically modified maize hybrids containing the Bt events MON 810, MON 89034 and MON 89034 × NK603 × TC1507, in management of S. frugiperda and D. saccharalis. Leaf injuries were performed in four different times, using scale, number of holes and yield evaluation. Leaf injuries caused by S. frugiperda were lower in maize hybrids expressing the events MON 89034 and MON 89034 × TC1507 × NK603 with rates between 0 to 1.5, depending on evaluation stage, and location differed significantly from MON 810 event. The genetically modified maize hybrids also reduced stalk injuries caused by D. saccharalis. Considering the average of the experimental fields, the Bt hybrids presented a significantly higher yield than the conventional in the range of 750 to 900 kg/ha.