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A new dipteran parasitoid of rose sawfly from Turkey: Vibrissina turrita (Meigen, 1824).


Aim of study: The aim of this study was to determine the parasitoid species of, Arge ochropus (Gmelin, 1790), which is an important pest of culture and wild roses. Area of study: Arge ochropus larvae were collected from Rosa canina in Bartın province. Material and Methods: Larvae collecting damages on Rosa canina species, which are distributed in different localities and were brought to the laboratory. Observations were continued and photographed under a microscope. Main results: Arge ochropus (Gmelin, 1790) is a significant pest of cultivated and wild roses in Turkey. Leaf surface is consumed as a result of intense damage of larvae and this affects growth and blooming in the plant. It was observed that the larvae collected from the field were infected by a new parasitoid in the laboratory. This tachinid parasitoid was defined as Vibrissina turrita. Research highlights: Vibrissina turrita (Meigen, 1824) was detected in Turkey as a Tachinidae fauna and Arge ochropus parasitoid for the first time in this study.