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Invasive mosquito Aedes koreicus (Edwards, 1917) - in anticipation of the findings in Croatia.


The Asian invasive mosquito species Aedes koreicus (Edwards, 1917) was found for the first time in Europe in 2008, in Belgium. Since then it has been found in several countries in the central part of Europe: in Italy, at the border area of Switzerland and Italy, in European Russia, Slovenia, Germany and Hungary. In some areas has become established. Aedes koreicus is genetically related and morphologically very similar to the Aedes j. japonicus mosquito. The ability to survive cold winters, the area of occurrence in Europe and species breeding sites indicate that the species also has ecological characteristics similar to the species Ae. j. japonicus. It was been shown that Ae. koreicus is a vector of Japanese encephalitis virus, nematode Dirofilaria immitis and potential vector of Chikungunya virus and nematode Brugia malayi. Given the presence of Ae. koreicus in the neighboring countries of Croatia and on the ecological characteristics of the species, presence and occurrence of species in Croatia is in anticipation.