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Used tires - an ideal habitat for mosquito larvae.


Mosquitoes are a diverse and widespread group of insect species which breeding requires standing water. Water is needed only at the end of the life cycle to get the next generation of adult insects out of the eggs. Used car tires are a good habitat for the development of invasive species of mosquitoes and especially for the Tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus (Aedes (Stegomyia) albopictus, Skus, 1894) and Egyptian mosquito Aedes aegyptii (Linnaeus, 1762) species. Such artificial habitats successfully replace the natural ones like hollow tree stumps and wetland habitats. Worldwide, numerous studies have been carried on with the aim of better understanding the reasons and the process of selecting the used and old car tires during the mosquito life cycle. Based on published literature, databases and field research of the Institute of Public Health of the Istrian County and the Invasive Species Centre of the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism Porec, in this paper, we provide a brief overview of the existing research on this topic as well as the results of the monitoring of invasive species of mosquitoes in the Istrian County with an accent on artificial habitats. We also propose a method of suppressing mosquito breeding sites in car tires through a continuous monitoring system, mapping and using of the larvicidal method. Such a database can serve to timely identify and prevent further spread of invasive mosquito species while larvicide treatment in the larval stage of larvae is much more effective than the adulticidal method.