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Cwr of grain legumes in Bulgaria.


This paper presents information from the first phase of Bulgarian and international in situ conservation of grain legumes CWR projects. An expedition investigation has been carried out in regions indicated in the flora of Bulgaria as well as other preliminary studies. Description of several species localities has been carried out in Strandzha Mountain and Kaliakra Natural Reserve-North Black Sea region, which during the past years of species, belonging to the group of rare species in Bulgaria: Pisum elatius L., Cicer monbretii, Lupinus albus and Vicia incisa. The number of population sand concomitant species have been defined. Seed material for ex situ collection has also been collected. It has been found, that the main limiting factors for disturbing condition of natural habitat sare the invasive plant species and some socio-economic reasons. We consider it is necessary to undertake a profound analysis for the situation of preserving the CWR in Bulgaria and to coordinate this activity with all scientific centers and institutions. It is imperative to prepare an action plan and monitoring.