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The appearance of the Dreissena polymorpha (Pallas, 1771) invasive species in the hydroaccumulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The paper presents the first representation of distribution of the invasive species Dreissena polymorpha in the accumulations of the Black sea and the Adriatic basin as a result of random inputs with breeding species of fishes. The researched hydrocumulations are: Buško lake (sub-basin of Cetina), Salakovac (sub-basin of Neretva), Modrac (sub-basin of Bosna) and Bileća (sub-basin of Trebišnjica). Sampling and determination of the zebra mussels were carried out in the period from May to September 2017. Based on the morphometric measurements of the 84 individuals (right lid), a significant difference in length, height and width was determined as a result of different ecological conditions affecting the phenotype of the investigated species. The species does not show massive development, but it already shows the negative effects of its presence that are manifested in clogging and overgrowing of water pipes on the dams of hydroelectric power plants, and it has been rapidly developing on cages for growing of fishes. Due to the impact on the autochthonous fauna as well as the possibility of other species input, recorded damages and problems in aquaculture, the operation of power plants, it is necessary to take measures to control the input of species of fishes and the measures for controlling the development of the identified species.