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Other occasional pests of boxwood.


A list of occasional pests (insects and mites) present on boxwood in metropolitan France has been established. Sixty-eight species can develop on this plant. For the vast majority of them, their presence has no effect on boxwood. Some species are subject to occasional outbreaks. Examples include boxwood midge, Monarthropalpus flavus, boxwood psyllid, Psylla buxi, and mussel scale Lepidosaphes ulmi. In addition, we have listed exotic species that are absent from France but are likely to breed on box trees. Sixty species are listed (mainly belonging to Lepidoptera, Hemiptera and Mites). None is a major pest in their country of origin. However it is necessary to remain alert because an occasional pest here can become major pest there in the presence of different cultural and climatic conditions and in the absence of its parasite complex.