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AGIIR, a participatory science smartphone application dedicated to repertory invasive insects or pests which have consequences on plants' health. Example of the box-tree moth.


The mobile application AGIIR developed by INRA (UMR SAVE and UEFM) is an application of participatory science reserved for georeferencing the box tree moth presence and for knowing its phenology according to local climatic variations. The user will be able to downland the application and then use it to be sure to identify the insect with photos. A form is available to report insects or damages presence. The form is short and easy to fill in. It is recommended to add a photo of the insects or damages to be sure there is no mistake. Thanks to these information, a database will be formed which will enable scientific analysis and the insect follow-up. Compulsory information on the biology and management strategies are also provided for the application users. It is possible to find them on the website: