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Design and development of biocontrol methods against the box-tree moth.


The Ecophyto2 plan requires the development of alternative solutions to control pests. Since 2008, boxwood Buxus spp., ubiquitous in JEVI, are ravaged by an invasive caterpillar, the box tree moth (Cydalima perspectalis) and the current methods of biocontrol needs to be improved. Over 3 years of testing, BUIS aims to test and validate the economic, environmental and health benefits of a biocontrol strategy for Boxwood Moth with the gardeners. It aims to minimize the box tree moth at all stages of its development (egg, egg, larva and adult male) by combining the modes of action of products from agronomic research. This integrated biocontrol method, never tested before, is expected to reduce caterpillar damages and populations. The experimental areas consist of ornamental boxwood from the botanical garden of the city of Tours and the Château de Villandry.