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Effect of different weed management practices on growth and yield of tomato CV GT-2.


Field experiment was conducted during the year 2016-17. The treatment weed free check significantly influenced the growth characters like plant height and no. of branches per plant and it was at par with treatments T5, T3 and T7 for both characters at harvest. Average weight of fruits was significantly higher with treatment T5 but, it was at par with all the weed management practices except weedy check. The treatment weed free check (T2) noted significantly the highest marketable fruit yield (31.67 t/ha) and statistically remained at par with treatments T5 and T3. The highest WCE (78.22%) was recorded in treatment T2 and lowest WI (8.34%) was recorded under the treatment T5, as well as both followed by treatment T3. Treatment T2 gave highest net return which was followed by the treatments T5, T3 and T10. However, the B:C ratio of the treatment T5 was highest, which was closely followed by the treatments T2 and T10. Effective and economical weed control in tamato crop might be secured under treatment T2, which is equally effective as weed free condition.