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Plant's diseases of district Ghaziabad and adjacent areas.


The plants like Herbs, Shrubs, Climbers & Trees become poisonous and hazardous, not life supporting by diseases during course of their life span. So, it is the demand of time that a survey of plant diseases should be of district Ghaziabad and adjacent areas. So a survey of plant's Disease of Ghaziabad district and adjacent areas was conducted. The district having four Rivers viz. Ganga River, Yamuna River, Black River, Hindon River and level plain with gradual slope from North to South. There are also some hillocks near Garmukteshwar, Abdullapur, Poonth and Loni, attaining an elevation of 679.156 feet above sea level and the approximate bearings are 770 7' E To 780 14' E. Latitude and 28027' N To 28055' N. Longitude. The district covers an area of 1988 Sq. Km. It is bounded by district Moradabad in the East, district Meerut in the North, district Bulandshahr and Gautam Buddh Nagar in the south and by National Capital and Union territory Delhi in the west. So in the present paper, all the total area of tehsils and blocks of district Ghaziabad have been studied to find out the diseases of plants, those are growing in the area. In the district, 163 plant's diseases found growing in the cultivated and fallow field, water bodies or near water bodies.