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Influence of the position of veneers of two exotic species on the mechanical properties of LVL panels.


The aim of this work was investigate the influence of positioning wood veneers of Hovenia dulcis and Corymbia citriodora in structural panels LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) on the mechanical properties: static bending strength at flatwise and edgewise positions and shear strength in the glue line test dry and after boiling. Were evaluated six compositions formed by five wood veneers of 1,0 mm thick bonded with adhesive phenol formaldehyde in grammage of 200 g/m2 in single line. They formed single and multiple species treatments. After subjected to pre-pressing at environmental temperature, they were then submitted to hot pressing in a hydraulic press at temperature of 145°C and specific pressure of 14 kgf/cm2. The results indicated that there is a greater influence of the density of LVL on the results of MOE and MOR in flatwise position (except for the CHHHC treatment - external layers of Corymbia citriodora and internal layers of Hovenia dulcis) than the differences in the density of woods veneers; in the edgewise position the opposite behavior occurred. In shear strength, the composition formed by just Hovenia dulcis veneers showed the best performance, and the others presented similar results.